Previous Projects

Many Pebbles has extensive experience in developing products for a variety of markets. A number of novel devices and technologies have successfully been developed and either deployed or scaled for manufacture. Whilst the details of the vast majority of what we have developed are commercially sensitive we are proud of our track record and some examples of our previous projects are included below.

Risk Critical Devices for use in Harsh Environments

  • Prototype devices for extraterrestrial use (peer reviewed):
    • Rock drilling tool for use on Mars (the planet)
    • Rock abrasion tool for use on Mars
    • Components and assemblies for miniaturised bio-labs
    • Spacecraft structure optimisations
  • Aerospace prototypes for use on jet engines (peer reviewed):
    • Sensors
    • Housings

Industrial Products

  • Electro-mechanical technologies including robotic devices
  • Analogue electronic signal conditioning and control systems
  • Electronic power supplies
  • Bespoke measurement systems
  • Packaging and ruggedisation of sensitive electronic components for use in industrial environments
  • Instrumented environmental test rigs
  • Reconfigurable production-line fixtures and jigs
  • Vibration analysis rigs


Working in an Engineering Consultant capacity and as a fully integrated member of seeper's development team Many Pebbles took an existing prototype concept for this device and revised the design substantially to be both suitable for its intended environment and for reliable manufacture. This included deriving an optimised supply chain and managing both the component procurement and product build campaign. The first production representative prototype was delivered three months after project commencement.

Consumer Electronics Products

  • Wearable electronics
  • Novel and active LED display technologies
  • Conceptual (technical) design exercises
  • Servicing of legacy products no longer in manufacture

Ultrasonic Sensors and Transducers

  • Defence and commercial sonar
  • Autoclave tolerant biotechnology probes
  • Medical sensors
  • Automotive sensors
  • High power transducers for effecting permanent change

Other Products

  • Interactive exhibition features
  • Juggling props

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