Contract Engineering Services

Many Pebbles offers Research & Development, Supply Chain Management and Production Engineering services to technology companies who are developing physical products and scaling manufacture.

With extensive experience in taking new technology and products from concept to deployment or volume production we develop strong partnerships and operate collaboratively with our clients. This ensures we compliment your existing skills and add value efficiently. We can drive all project phases from inception to production or we can step-in to offer Independent Critique of Project Status and support as required. We are proud of our track record. Don't hesitate to CONTACT US for further information.

An increasing trend is that new product developments incorporate aspects from multiple engineering disciplines. Examples of these include Manufacturing, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic and Software. Rather than approaching product development from a singular viewpoint experience is drawn from a strong multidisciplinary background such that all aspects of your product are developed in synergy. This reduces development costs and time to market resulting in an increased return on your product development investment.

Please take a look at OUR APPROACH, our previous PROJECTS and don't hesitate to CONTACT US for further information.